About LBL Cases

About LBL Cases

Cases has now been divided in to PLR and LBL (Life Between Lives) in order to clarify that sometimes there is a difference between clients only experiencing past lives without having a journey through the spiritual world. Other clients experience both. Most clients seem to experience past lives before they go on to the spiritual world. The spiritual world consists of many levels, and many of them are still not covered within the work of this website.

Under LBL and PLR you will find cases illustrating how recovery is possible after years of anxiety, depression, suicidal behaviour, grief and inability to generally cope with life. Every single case is real but every name and some of the persons background has been changed in order to safeguard confidentiality.

As a psychiatrist I have been struck by the fact that I have very often been completely wrong about the cause of the client’s illness, and sometimes the true cause has been found far back in to the past.

Every client’s journey is unique and the most rewarding experience any doctor can witness. It is one of the most inspiring and transforming processes to witness a client change from pain, anger, hate, fear, dismay, and complete lack of spirituality, in to a state of enlightment and home coming.

The answer has never been far away. It has always been where most people would never look. Inside yourself. Inside your souls. Now, for trying and and achieving this change, I honour all of you!