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From March 2013 employed by Bermuda Hospital Board at Midatlantic Wellness Institute, as one of five Consultant Psychiatrist in Bermuda.

Consultant Psychiatrist at Basildon University Hospital, 45 km north of London, 2002 – 2010. During his training in Sweden, he became a specialist in General Adult Psychiatry 1994, and Forensic Psychiatry 1998. Dr Westerlund has completed extensive general and forensic psychiatric post-graduate training on behalf of The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, University of Lund & Malmö.

During his post-graduate training he invented the first computer based coercive psychiatric care record system in 1991-1994 whilst being the project manager of the first psychiatric in- and outpatient electronic record system in Sweden, 1991 – 1994.

During 8 years of service as an investigating medical officer and Forensic Psychiatrist on behalf of The Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine (RMV), he contributed with more than 300 forensic minor reports. His skills was reviewed as excellent by RMV and the Swedish Criminal Courts system.

He also worked as a Medical Director at Swedens second largest mental hospital during 1999 – 2001. During these years he was together with Professor Martin Grann (Honorary Professor at Oxford University), Centre for Violence Prevention, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, the founder of a new forensic research facility at Säter Hospital, Sweden.

Dr Westerlund has completed extensive academic training in alcohol and drugs, schizophrenia, sexual violence, leadership, forensic psychiatry, neurology, HCR-20 (History Clinical Risk Assessment), PCL (Psychopatchic Checklist), and SVL (Sexual Violence Risk Assessment). He also completed training in Professor Davanloos Short Term Anxiety Provoking Dynamic Psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy including personal therapy, acupuncture and Reiki.

Dr Westerlund is further certified in Professor Cloningers personality assessment tool; TCI (Temperament & Character Inventory), at The Centre for Psychobiology Personality, University of Umeå, Sweden.

During 2006 he participated in LBL (Life Between Lives) training in Bedford, UK, with PhD Michael Newton, California, USA. He also completed training as a post-graduate communication teacher at Cambridge School of Medicine, Cambridge University, United Kingdom, in April 2009.

He has worked as a fully accredited psychiatrist since 1994. He is also a full member of The Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych), and a fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine, London, United Kingdom. He is further a member of The British Medical Association (BMA) and The Medical Defense Union (MDU).

During 8 years of work in UK, he has contributed with 200 confidential psychiatric Court and Tribunal reports. He received the East England NHS Innovation Award 2007, and he has also received a few clinical excellence awards.

Dr Westerlund participated in the publication of guidelines for coercive care in Sweden (SPF), 1997. Together with his student colleague Mats Nilsson, he wrote the first Swedish book about AIDS, as a medical student in 1985. Dr Westerlund has further contributed with hundreds of local Swedish press articles, and a book about local history. He previously worked as a journalist and a registered nurse, specializing in intensive care and cardiology. Dr Westerlund has just completed the first Swedish book about advanced hypnotherapy, dealing with issues about regression, past lives and healing of patients with past severe traumas.

Dr Westerlund has completed courses in extreme survival techniques both in UK and Lapland, Sweden. He enjoys nature, his family, reading, spiritual teaching, sport like golf, shoto-kan karate and diving. On behalf of Action on Addiction, United Kingdom, he raised £ 4 500 and completed London Marathon 2004 with former Olympic and World champion cross country skier Anders Bergström, Sweden, with a time of 4.02.51.

A 360 degree confidential report conducted by 23 colleagues and 26 patients in United Kingdom is available here:

360 degree report about Dr Westerlund from The Royal College of Psychiatrists

His personal statement includes:

“I love my family and these are the people I think have contributed to my life on a personal level:

  • My three sons Seb, Chris and Alex – LOVE, strength, spirituality and fun
  • Aunt Astrid, Sweden, 102 years old she left for heaven 25 May 2010 – Happiness
  • Dalai Lama – Compassion
  • Late Professor John Mack – Courage
  • Dr Michael Newton – Persistence
  • My spouse – Patience and unconditional love
  • My Indian colleagues – Tolerance with Intolerance