Changing gender

Changing gender

This new case highlight the fact that from a soul perspective, gender is of subordinate importance. What matters is our ability to learn and evolve through those lives we live. Of course, many souls prefer either male or female bodies. In order to overcome certain issues, it can sometimes be important to change gender. My mother has said many times;

“In my next life I want to be a man. Then I can do whatever I want, and I don’t have to suffer from all these men’s abuse…”

This PLR case about Xeres highlight the fact that this woman is happy with her gender, but she find it hard to accept her growing weakness. It is also challenging for many people to know that homosexuality in many cases seems to be related to what preference the reborn soul actually have. A soul that in previous lives have been male, strong, powerful and perhaps abusive, will find it hard to accept challenges met in a female body. If the soul find the same sex attractive, the answer to this is sometimes surprisingly simple and straight forward.

“I have a female soul, and of course I am attracted by males. That is my sexual preference”, one male client once said.

The same answer would apply for a male soul in a female body.

All this has certainly helped to polish some of my prejudices. Read about Xeres here.