Sometimes we come across hybrids. These are clients referring to lives on other planets and even different types of life forms, sometimes in far distant galaxies. We know that it’s probably naive to claim that humans are the only existent life forms in the Universe. But is this story pure fantasy or is there something more? I was fortunate to meet late Professor John Mack from Harvard University, Boston. He taught me that science, religions and even governments aren’t prepared to face the truth. The truth that we might not even be alone in Universe!

When we as LBL therapists come across hybrids, it sometimes means that these souls find it difficult to cope with the destructiveness and hostile environment which is offered on planet Earth. Some seems to claim that they have chosen to come here as an extra-ordinary challenge, far more demanding than more advanced civilisations in the Universe.

You are free to dismiss other life forms, but are you sure that they don’t already watch and monitor you? Souls certainly seem to monitor every step we take! And who would like to get in touch with a human race close to self-destruction and complete annihilation?

This remarkable story has never been told or written down before. As a semi-hybrid (she was abducted as a human) she has been hiding away throughout her life. She had a childhood being sexually abused by her father, and she has lived a life being subdued and controlled – again. She was used of people never  taking any notice of her. She was very quiet, and almost scared of life itself. Just a few days ago she passed away. This is the legacy she left behind. S’rlian, you were indeed enormously brave, and your heart was full of love!



This first paragraph has been written by my doctor. Everything else has come through my body and my hands. Before you start reading this I beg you not to condemn me or judge me. I am a very quiet woman. I am very poor, and I think that I’m useless on this planet. I just want to go back to The planet T’Caana because Earth itself is far too difficult for me. I did not even dare thinking about telling anyone. They would of course think that I was mad. I have given you my story, honestly and truthfully. My doctor got this out of me since he is the only one I trust in this world. You have the right to not believe me, but when you finish, remember this: Every sensible person or government would deny all this. This is utterly nonsense and madness. For me a horrible nightmare became true. I survived and I was given a new life on a different planet far away in a distant Galaxy. I have decided to let my doctor publish this to honor all those 19 humans that died on the alien spaceship. This is my story.

In all there were 20 of us. We had all been abducted by aliens on Earth and we all knew that there was no way we could get back. The aliens used us for experiments. It was absolutely horrifying. I can’t tell you how long ago this is, but this was in one of my previous lives. We had some terrible porridge given as food and we knew that we were all doomed. We all felt particularly sorry for this 5 year old girl. Finally I killed her. I wanted to save her from all the terrible experiments and those evil grey aliens. The aliens were very short and they just used us as pigeons.

alien Srlian grey2 217x300 Hybrids

A previously unpublished picture by S’rlian of the aliens

I was about 16 or 17 years old when I was abducted. I was in a field with some other people from the village. We were picking vegetables or something. we all mucked in together to collect and store. I was wearing a heavy brown dress made of woolen material. It was slightly hitched up away from the mud. Since I was barefoot I had to wash my feet in the stream.

Srlian 187x300 Hybrids

S’rlian as she remember herself from the planet T’Caana

Then suddenly I was hiding from them. There was a crash and I managed to escape. They were looking for me, those who had taken me. I could hear shouting but it wasn’t from them. I hid myself in the long grass and bushes.

It was very dark and I could hear screams. They were being killed. Suddenly I heard footsteps close by. I didn’t dare either move or breath, and I didn’t know where the others were. My memory seemed to disappear.

Everything was quiet and I decided to move. It was a bad mistake. They pounced upon me and dragged me off.

Then I remember being in a room that I couldn’t see out of, but they were looking in. I was questioned, but didn’t respond and I was put back in the dark room.

One day I was marched off to another part of the building. A hooded cloak was put on me, and I was covered from top to toe. I remember looking at the floor as they were escorting me. The floor was so black that it seemed you could fall right through it. The massive doors opened and I was marched through and then I was pushed to the floor.

When I dared to look up I saw three steps leading up to a large chair. I saw him slouching there, but like me he was also wearing a cloak so I couldn’t see his face.

Then he spoke and everyone in the room left. He stepped down and pulled my hood back. He kept looking at me and then he started to speak.

He asked if I knew who he was. I didn’t but seemed familiar. I felt safe with him.

The Blue Tree2 216x300 Hybrids

The Palace with the Blue Tree by S’rlian

Then I was taken to another room which was bright and spotless. Another man was waiting for me. He was a doctor. I was left alone with him while he examined me. All he did, as I remember, was to press something, and the bed I was laying on, was scanned and read out the diagnosis.

I kept looking at his face. He had brown eyes and a ridge across his nose. I felt down my nose to check if I had a ridge, but I didn’t.

The doctor took me back to the huge room where he was waiting for us. He had his hood down now and I could see his face. He was tall with black shoulder length hair, and the most brilliant blue eyes I’ve ever seen. He also had a ridge over is nose.

Everyone I saw had dark skin but not black. They were talking and looking over at me. I learned later that they regarded themselves as brothers, although they weren’t. When I was out walking with F’rell they all looked at me, curiously but friendly. They all knew that I came from another planet. I was later told that they had been visiting to our planet once or twice.

Somehow I ended up eating with them. Not just the first ones, but there were three others. An old lady, an old man and a young boy. We were in a small room considering the size of the building, but it was cosy. We all ate the same kind of vegetable stew.

We aren’t from your galaxy. We are further away, but we travel far and wide. Our planet is about the same size as yours, or maybe slightly larger. There is a sea with islands dotted around, one of which belongs solely to Sh Ch Ki. We use this island when we want to be alone. The planet itself is protected by an invisible energy field, protecting us from another race that wants to extinguish us. We are stronger and more intelligent than them.

The planet 217x300 Hybrids

S’rlians – T’Caana with a huge moon and a smaller planet not far away. Notice the protective shield around T’Caana S’rlian considered to be larger than Earth.

There are rivers, fish in the sea, trees and various plant and animal life, though none are anything like yours. Some trees have almost blue leafs. We also have a sun and a moon. All this reminds of when F’rell and I washed our selves. We would bath in a pool that had something in it, because I could feel a very slight tingling all over my body. It was very refreshing.

We don’t use cars. Instead we have small crafts that fly to where we want to go. These fliers have like a humming sound. We also have cities where we shop. Our planet is not dissimilar to yours, but we are more advanced. There is no smoking and we don’t eat meat. We do drink but not to excess.

I can’t remember what sort of power we use, but we don’t have any pollution.

Once a year we have a storm of the planet. It last several days. Nobody ventures out when the storm arrives. It’s too dangerous.

When I was on the medical bed the doctor must have done something, because I could understand what they were saying. The Ch’kz asked me many questions but I couldn’t reply to them all, because the others had tampered with my memory.

It wasn’t until a good time later that I started to remember things. He got annoyed with me because he thought I was just avoiding answering him, and I was annoyed with him for not believing me. He was so angry because I dared to raise my voice to him, that I ended up back in that room. I wasn’t in there very long before I was escorted down to a small room where they were all seated, waiting for me. I was given some sort of vegetable stew. Everyone was kind to me, but I could tell by his face that he still wasn’t happy with me.

It wasn’t until I started eating that his face changed to a smile. I was gasping and he was laughing. The stew was so spicy hot, and all I wanted was to drink. Everyone was laughing but this time; I couldn’t help but laugh myself. That was the start of our friendship.

I suppose I should tell you their names, but I can’t seem to get my tongue around them, so I shall translate them as best I can or as close as I can in our language.

Sh Ch Ki means my Lord Emperor which is his title

F’rell is his name

L’ell is the Lady

Sh’tare is the young boy

L’kia is the old man

I can’t remember the doctor’s name. I should because he was like a brother to the Ch Ki.

I don’t know where to start about my life with F’rell and the rest of them, because I’m not sure what you really want to know.

Where we live is like a fortress with the Guards quarter not far away. The building is very dark to look at, and is made of some sort of block stone. It doesn’t look very inviting but then it wasn’t meant to be. Apparently it was built hundreds of years ago when F’rell’s ancestors ruled the Planet as tyrants, right up until his father died.

F’rell was about twelve when he took over the title. He was brought up by L’ell and L’kia who managed to train him to be firm but fair. He still had a temper, but then L’kia would speak to him and turn things around.

I never saw much of him during the day. Especially mornings as he was always in meetings with the High Council, trying to find out what was happening around the Planet and decide on certain matters. This was the only room I was not allowed in. No woman was, unless she was being judged by the Court, and then she would have to be cloaked from head to toe.

If there wasn’t much going on F’rell would leave and we would go and sit under the old tree by the river. Sometimes he would show me more of the inside of the building. Most of the rooms were very large and seemed empty of any sort of comfort and love. He was very disinterested in them and he would start walking off. In fact you remind me of him the way you walk with a stride of authority. I was forever trying to keep up with him. Sometimes he would take my hand and pull me along with a smile on his face.

It was decided by L’kia that I should be taught how to read their language while F’rell was in his meeting. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t sitting next to Sh’tare, who could be such a cheeky little monkey.

To read their language wasn’t like words, but like symbols or characters. It is very hard to learn as a lot of them are so similar.

I don’t know how much more you want to hear. I could tell you lot’s more. About when F’rell and I were mated – married. The time F’rell drank too much and the land slide. I just don’t know what you want.

Frell2 217x300 Hybrids

S’rlians drawing of F’rell

Sometimes I was sitting under the tree with F’rell, when the river was flowing past. I kept flickering water at F’rell which he didn’t find amusing. He picked me up and threw me in to the river. Then he jumped in after me.

Sh’tare was being taught to follow in L’kias footsteps. He was only 8 years old, but already had a look of wisdom about him. He was an orphan that like L’kia had taken in because he could look after Sh’tare, and he knew that he was the one to take over when the time came.

L’kia and L’ell were old, but I can’t tell you have old, because I never asked them. But we had a gardener who was a lovely old man. He was 113 years old when he died. He had a fall and broke his neck. I cried my eyes out, but L’kia asked why I cried for him.

“He has just passed through this time and is now travelling on”, she said.

I had to learn things all over again, but in a different way. It was really hard at times not to cry for people who died.

F’rell took me flying over the sea one day. We just hovered there. He asked if I could see anything, which I couldn’t. Then he landed the flier and we walked over to some doors which were built into the rock. Inside it was massive. We were sitting in a caspule that seemed to float in mid air. It took us deeper inside the building. When we eventually stopped it was breathtaking. It was like being inside a building with no walls, and you could see the fish swimming past the building itself.

I think this was the heart of the power they useed, but I don’t know what it was. There were huge pipes everywhere and computers and lights flickering on and off. I think F’rell said there were a few hundred people working there. I didn’t see more than a half dozen at a time.

L’ell was always mothering me, if that is the right way to say it. She would always look out for me, and make sure I was alright for everything. She wouldn’t let me help with anything. She looked after all the house hold things, not that she did everything. There were others that worked there, but L’ell would always do the cooking. She wouldn’t let anyone else do it, though she started to teach me a little.

She used to make me laugh – although I shouldn’t – the way she would tell F’rell off for doing something wrong, or for scoffing down his food. It was as if he was still a little boy. He would take notice, but still do his own thing. I think most men are like that, whatever world they may live on.

As I couldn’t remember my name, F’rell had the pleasure or task in giving me one. He took his time, though he told me later that he had the name in his head all the time. He just wanted to keep us all waiting, That was his way of teasing or annoying us. I suppose I should try to write it on for you if I can. My name is S’rlian or there about. F’rell and I loved each other so much, that L’kia said it was time to be mated. When two people were mated they could never be parted by anyone. Not that they would want to be. If one of them died, the other could never be mated again.

As the time came closer and all the preparations were being made, I was starting to feel nervous, because L’kia had explained what was going to happen. I was not looking forward to that part of the ceremony; well I was, but not in front of the High Council. It was their custom and they didn’t think anything was wrong with it. Normally couples would have all their families and friends there. Like a wedding here, but as it was the Ch’ki, it had to be more official, and as F’rell sensed I was not comfortable about it, he kept it just to the council at the ceremony. We would have a reception with everyone else later.


Part II

The day arrived and L’kia had us dressed in very ornate cloaks and then walked us to the Temple. I thought the building would be like the inside of one of our churches, but it wasn’t. It was a very old building and it was very plain inside with just a stone altar in the centre of the room. It was a big room. When we entered I sensed a great Presence there. It was like a warm and loving feeling wrapping itself around me. I didn’t feel nervous anymore. I will feel that Presence again later on.

alien Srlian0002 300x218 Hybrids

The Temple of T’Caana

L’kia started the ceremony. He was talking for so long. I thought he would never stop. F’rell and I were facing each other as if we were in some kind of trance. Then L’kia removed our cloaks and we felt the Presence wrap itself around us and we joined. We were making love in front of The Council and I didn’t care. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world, and I wished it would never end. Apparently The Council didn’t stay. It was just to make sure we joined. L’kia fetched us sometime later to prepare for the reception. It was lovely to meet all F’rells friends, though I knew quite a few of them already.

F’rell was not allowed to drink more than two cups of alcohol for reasons you will find out later. Anyway I found it disgusting to drink. After he had drunk one cup L’kia told him to stay on fruit drink. Which he did. We had a wonderful two weeks on the Island. Just the two of us.

There are lots of bits I’ve missed out. Like all the silly funny moments we had, but they would be trivial to you.

F’rell and the Captain of the guard were good friends. They did their training together. The one day F’rell found out that D’rin was carrying on with another woman. It was not permitted. Especially when he was already mated and had children. On this particular day they were out hunting. They only hunted injured animals, because in that state they could be a danger to the people. The animal they were hunting was one of the worst. They loved the danger of it, but they wouldn’t shoot. Instead they used their knifes. It was like a game to them. The one that first could get close to the beast killed it. This animal was like a Rhino except it had more horns or tusks or both. I only saw one from a distance. F’rell said they were almost blind and their hearing wasn’t good. But their sense of smell was brilliant. I can’t remember who eventually killed it, but they returned to the guards quarters to celebrate.

I don’t know how F’rell got drunk, because he knew he couldn’t drink more than a certain amount. D’rin was drunk too and that was when F’rell found out about him. He was so angry about it that they started fighting. D’rin drew out his knife and went for F’rell and caught him in the arm. F’rell had drawn his knife by the time, and stabbed D’rin in his chest. He fell to the floor. He was dead. F’rell just walked out of the quarters and left him where he fell.

I learned all this much later, when F’rell found he could tell me, but that wasn’t the end of it. F’rell was still angry when he came home. I was in bed when I heard shouting. I got up to see what all the noise was about. F’rell was arguing with L’kia; telling him to get out of his way. When I saw him he didn’t look anything like the F’rell I knew and loved.

I stupidly went to him because I saw the blood pouring from his arm. He looked down at me and then grabbed my arm. L’kia tried to step in but F’rell just pushed him away. He dragged me to the bedroom. I didn’t stand a chance. He was too strong. He was like an animal. I can’t remember how long it all lasted. I became unconscious.

When I woke up, Sh’ban was looking down at me. I was in the medical room. Sh’ban had put me back together physically, but my mind was another thing. I just couldn’t speak to anyone. I was in too much shock. Then L’kia had me carried to the Temple. I was put down against the Altar. L’kia sat to one side and looked straight into my eyes, as if she could see deep inside me. Then I felt it, that presence again. It wrapped itself around me. So warm and comforting. Then it entered into my head and my whole body. It was such a beautiful sensation. L’kia was still looking into my eyes. I could see him talking, but I couldn’t hear him. My mind was becoming clearer again. When it was over L’kia looked so drained. We sat there for some time before L’kia gained his strength. Then he walked me back home. I knew I had to talk to F’rell, but he wasn’t there.

Apparently he had put himself in front of The High Council to account for his actions. Even though he was the Ch’k, he wasn’t exempt from punishment. The High Council concluded that D’rins death was in self defence, but what he did to me was up to decide. They would punish him if I wanted him to, which I didn’t. I just wanted to find F’rell, which I did.

I should have realized that he would have gone to the island. I badgered L’kia to let me go to him. He finally gave in, but said he would go with me. When we arrived we found F’rell sitting at the edge of the lake. He seemed to be just staring into space. He looked so lost. I sat down beside him and put my hand on his. Then he took my hand in his and pulled me to him. I knew then that things would be alright, and they were. Or I should say they were for 2 years following that dreadful night.

I gave F’rell some good news that I was pregnant at long last. We thought we would never have children.

F’rell was busy as usual, when news came through about a land slide in western quadrant. It had been a particularly bad storm this year with some heavy flooding. As usual F’rell wouldn’t sit back. He and Sh’ban went there to help. I wanted to go as well, but of course I wasn’t allowed to. I was about 6 months at this time, and women usually give birth after about 7 months here. Sh’ban said he didn’t know when I would give birth, because I wasn’t from there. But from all the readouts it looked as if I was near enough on track. We knew it was going to be a boy and F’rell was over the moon to know he was going to have a son to carry on the line. He already had a name for him, but he wouldn’t tell me. I kept badgering him to tell me. In the end he said he would tell me when he got back. I gave him a look and he just laughed in a teasing way. He said he wouldn’t be gone too long. I loved him so much.

It was about three weeks later when I got the news that F’rell had been badly injured. He was on his way home. I didn’t care that I was nearing my time. I had to go to him. Apparently he had told Sh’ban he was going to take the flier and that Sh’ban could take the carrier with the other workers, because Sh’ban was still sorting things out and F’rell wanted to get back to me as quickly as possible.

They told me later that the flier had somehow lost power. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye or to tell him how much I loved him. Now he would never hold his son, and neither would I. I later went to see his dead body.

I’v only got to tell you now how I died, which won’t take long. About a week later I gave birth. I had a terrible time. I kept thinking of F’rell and how much I missed him. I couldn’t stop crying and I didn’t care about what L’kia once told me. Sh’ban held out the baby to me, but I was too weak to hold him.

He was the image of F’rell with beautiful blue eyes, but he was minus one feature. He didn’t have the ridge over his nose. At least he looked like me in that way. I started shaking. I was getting cold. Then everything just seemed to go dark.

I’ve told you everything now. There is nothing else to say about it.