Healer of The Heart - The process

Healer of The Heart – The process

Clients are recommended to rest in a recliner. The procedure is facilitated by carefully guided breathing, in order to facilitate stimulation of brain areas producing alpha and theta waves. The induction continues with soft instructions which facilitate visualization and imagery in order to close off conscious interference. Low and intermediate states of hypnosis is well recognized by Rapid Eye Movements (REM). Autonomous reactions consisting of lower body temperature, slow breathing, low pulse and blood-pressure are usually detected 26, 27. The environment is kept calm with few dim lights and isolation from external stimulation. During hypnosis many clients experience the alteration of time-space. This is often recognized by minutes of delays responding to questions. When back in a conscious state the client thinks that 20-30 minutes has passed, when often 60-90 minutes have lapsed. The facilitator continuously emphasizes the fact that previous suffering and pain doesn’t have to be re-experienced, and that the client is in total control of him-/herself.  Instead pain and suffering is understood in the context of similarities between past lives and the present life in order to break repetitive traumatic circles. The client responds to a technique consisting of complete relaxation with careful guidance in to deeper and deeper subconscious levels and finally a super conscious state of all knowing.

The sub-conscious has the extraordinary ability to access previous life events. The super conscious state expands the altered state and, in turn, gains access to previous lives where a higher dimensional order suddenly becomes available.

When facilitating regression in to higher dimensions, no matter what you believe, it is important to make the transition smooth. This is achieved by regression through childhood, in to the womb and then back to the last life before the current one. From the last death of the person, the journey becomes a natural return through a rapid tunnel (silver cord) or “wormhole” and the soul can be brought back to a stage between two lives. The entrance in to the spiritual world is The Gateway. Most clients responding to this form of hypnosis will independently of each other, report a spirit world with many almost identical attributes. Among all clients currently responding to and completing treatment, 70% of all women partially or completely recover. Fewer men than women request psychiatric help through this method, but 60-65% of all men recover partially or completely after completing their treatment. It is striking that a high number of clients become discharged back to their GP’s from our service.

There are indeed clients that don’t benefit or should avoid LBL. Poor responders to hypnosis and LBL are generally clients with higher levels of personal control and in particular fear of losing control. Rigidity and lack of imagery/visualization is also a negative factor. One in ten clients is expected not to respond to hypnosis or LBL. Clients with psychotic disorders, illicit drug dependence and severe personality disorders should generally be advised to avoid this method.

There is evidence to clearly suggest that high and low responders use different cognitive strategies in response to hypnosis. High responders seem to use much higher integrative strategies, sustained attention abilities, and decreased arousal. They also experience their emotions more vividly with possible facilitation of visual imagery. High responders also show more theta and beta-activity in occipital parts of the brain 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 .

The path to recovery – cases

Mrs A was referred by her GP with a history of 4- 5 years of deteriorating depression. She contemplated suicide, but agreed not to harm herself during her therapy. Mrs A felt isolated and lonely. She had chronic financial problems and faced threats of eviction.

She grew up with parents and two sisters. Mrs A often felt physically and emotionally neglected. From the age of 12 she was sexually abused and harassed by a teacher.

She never abused any illicit drugs. Occasionally she enjoyed a glass of wine. She married early and gave birth to four very intellectual and gifted children. Her husband was extremely psychologically abusive, and after he left her, she brought up all her four children alone. By the time of her referral she had been living in extreme poverty and deprivation for 17 years. She described herself as a burden to her children. She was “on the road to nowhere either contemplating suicide or to literally disappear and live on the street.

Mrs A started to feel increasingly depressed many years before she attended our outpatient clinic. She received psychotherapy with a Consultant Psychotherapist, group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and private counseling. She was referred for psychodynamic psychotherapy but was turned down since the Psychotherapy Department thought it was too dangerous.  She was treated with different anti-depressants by her GP, and she had been put on the anti-depressant Venlafaxine before I assessed her. She waited more than a year before the therapy started, and during that time she continued to feel low in a mood, having lost any interest in continuing her life. She was in an alarming mental state when the therapy started. After being carefully informed about the therapeutic process she gave consent to start the treatment.

Mrs A described her feelings during the hypnotic stage:

“I was very mentally unwell then…but I didn’t know it…and I had…I had anorexia…I had panic attacks…I had high anxiety…I had self image problem…I hated myself…I hated everything about me….and I couldn’t cope…with my spiritual side at all. So I closed it.”

During sessions with a mix of PLR  (Past Life Regression) and LBL she became increasingly firm, inspired and clear. She told me that she was a Spiritual Observer, and that she was disappointed that it had taken her such a long time to realize her true self. At this stage I felt confused but decided not to judge or interpret, but rather explore this new dimension. She tried to explain

“I think you got to…when you are an observer…observing on the souls…you got to try to save as many of them as you can. Save…by guiding…you got to steer them away from…anything that’s going to touch their life that is wrong and bad.”

Mrs A found it easy to reach the Gateway of Spirit where she met her father. He told her that he didn’t want to go back to “this wicked and devil world”. He told her that in a distant life they used to be lovers and that this was the reason that he became obsessed by controlling her life as her father in her present life. He allowed his two other daughters to have boyfriends, but never Mrs A. He made her feel that she was responsible for her ill health and she on her own thought that there was something terribly wrong with her. In her altered state of consciousness she described herself transformed in to a very advanced being. She continued to report from the spiritual world.

“We have to function on a human level. When you go back when you have finished a life, it’s like, just…been watching a film for an hour. But a lot of people in this world don’t understand. They are not in touch with any spiritual side of themselves. They think to logically. They think too scientifically. They use their conscious mind too much.”

“And what happens if people remember the spiritual world as humans”, I asked.

“The rest of society would think that they were insane.”

“Why did you decide to reincarnate? Wouldn’t you do a better job on the other side?”

“Mmm, no, it takes the physical form to touch a person who is not aware of the spiritual side. You need to be a human to do that. It’s about…it’s about what we are, and it’s also about how we are with people. It’s not first who we are. It’s how we behave.”

At the Gateway Mrs A described being greeted by all her soul mates. The loveliest party was arranged, and she felt completely accepted by everyone around her. She felt equal, not criticized and definitely not manipulated, which was something she repeatedly mentioned. Suddenly she realized that she had been living her present life not on her own terms, but on others. During this moment she suddenly alluded;

“I am a very old soul…my colour is a mix of blue and purple and at least six or seven members of my soul group are incarnated on earth now, but others were spread around other worlds.

There is a higher order and a higher meaning. I don’t have any sense of time here. I don’t have any influence on society around me. It’s pure.

Because it is going to take the human race a very, very long time to understand it, and it is not necessary for my soul”, she said.

“Why are we not allowed to fully know what the spiritual world is like?

 “Because we wouldn’t stay here, and we wouldn’t do our task…we would want to be there all the time. There would be no learning, no growing. The spiritual world is like trying to understand computer programming. They are not the way we see them…circles…shapes…they are multidimensional…you see…we’re not seeing them as they really are. But my intellectual side keeps interfering …because I try to understand it…shapes crossing over…makes it all multi dimensional… there are different levels in the spiritual world. There are…its like layers. You tend to think of it in terms of a human mind, and it isn’t a human mind.

It’s about…it’s about what we are, and it’s also about how we are with people. It’s not first who we are. It’s how we behave. It’s about…letting go of base motivations, base human motivations.”

After 18 session consisting of 1 – 1½ hours, she realized that she had been neglectful and possibly wasted her life time, initially being controlled by her father and then her husband. She understood that there was a lesson to be learned, and that she now was capable of releasing herself.

The most important moment was when Mrs A described how she was able to forgive both her father and former husband

Today Mrs A works full time in a hospital. She is off all medication, and she regards herself as being completely healed. She has been discharged from the psychiatric clinic. She felt that the two polarized side of being physical and spiritual, finally merged together. It made it possible for her to acknowledge her real self, and to see the world in a completely different way. She thinks that the LBL has saved her life.

Mr B, a 35 year old British gentleman, was admitted to one of our Hospitals under section 3, of the Mental Health Act (MHA), diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. He was extremely self-harming, cutting long wounds along his arms. He even tried to cut his head off through a hospital window. He absconded and tried to jump in front of the traffic on the A130. My colleagues had during previous admissions tried almost every antipsychotic, anxiolytic and mood-stabilizing drug without success. After discussions with the nurses at our secure ward, I reluctantly decided to offer him hypnotherapy as a last resort. We only made one agreement. He made a promise to me not to attempt suicide as long as the therapy continued.

During the therapy Mr B almost immediately started to have overwhelming and violent experiences from past lives. He told me that during the Spanish invasion of South-America he was a “conquistador”, a mercenary that did not distinguish between male, females and children. He killed them all. Finally he was usually killed or he committed suicide in every life

He lived his last life before the present in Ireland as a poor farmer. His family had managed to buy him a ticket to go to America. One day he discovered that his brother had stolen the ticket and left for America. He was devastated but stayed at the farm, trying to care for his mother. One day the IRA approached him and asked him to hide some weapons. He was paid money and the weapons were hidden in the barn. Later the British troops arrived and found the weapons. As a punishment they flattened the whole farm, and the family was left homeless. In light of all this he hung himself.

When Mr B realized this it suddenly struck him that he had been repeating the suicide theme life after life. From that moment his life changed dramatically.

The healing process continued throughout all the sessions and when he asked to have his medication reduced, I agreed. He was later transferred to an open ward and later discharged.

Today he is employed by NHS in the UK. He lives with a partner and they have a baby. I have spoken to him over the phone and he is now off all medication. He has been completely discharged from our service. The staff at the secure ward still wonders at how it was possible for Mr B to change so dramatically

Mrs C was referred by her GP due to years of depression. Antidepressants seemed to have no effect, and psychotherapy with a NHS psychologist for 4 years, never gave her any true relief. When she commenced her therapy during the summer of 2006, she was severely depressed. She took Buspirone (anxiolytics), antidepressants and painkillers. Since birth her pelvis had been tilted and her right leg shorter than the left. Her GP had diagnosed her with diabetes mellitus type II and she was also waiting for surgery due to a prolapse. She lived alone after going through three previous divorces. She was unemployed and lived on state benefits. She was very grounded and not religious.

The first important experience Mrs C had was from the womb of her mother. She suddenly reported that her father physically abused her mother, and she continued:

Oh, I understand now where my disability came from. I was born with it but the doctors couldn’t understand what it was…it’s my fathers kicking of her stomach…it hurts….

She the continued to explore many different previous lives; one in Egypt as a maker of bead and jewelry, another as an Indian woman in Canada, where she was particularly fond of making beads of bones and skins. She died in her thirties when a herd of hunted buffalos unexpectedly turned and killed her.

In most of these lives she met her closest relatives, and there seemed to be unresolved issues between her and her abusive and angry father.

After discovering this spiritual hidden life, her whole posture changed. She was smiling and her confidence grew day by day. She always cooked her fathers dinner, and when she one day told him she couldn’t; he asked where she had her loyalties. Years of domination ended when she told him that she could only care for him if she cared for her own health, and then she told him she was off for her hypnotherapy.

Today she has been discharged back to her GP. She has slowly as with most of the clients, discontinued her medication. Without symptoms she has realized that she doesn’t need any psychotropics.

Mrs D was treated in Sweden and she was the sister of a highly respected businessman of a multi international company. She was married with two grown up children. She had been on sick benefits for 2 years from her own accountancy company, when she was referred by her GP. She had been seen by six different doctors, and she expressed disappointment with many different antidepressants (SSRI’s), prescribed without any improvement of her severe anxiety and depressive symptoms. Mrs D could hardly leave her lovely house. She didn’t use any alcohol or illicit drugs, and she was generally healthy. She asked me to help her without drugs, but I refused and politely asked to refer her to another specialist. Mrs D was grounded and sensible and not particularly religious. She refused and demanded that I tried hypnotherapy.

A major part of her spiritual journey was when she as a child revisited the mines where her father was an engineer. Suddenly she started to experience severe anxiety, but through guided breathing and support she stayed in trance. By using this crucial point as a potential trigger, she was asked to go to the point of origin of her anxiety. Suddenly she was back in Italy 1500 years earlier. Her husband had accused her being unfaithful, and he demanded the tribe punish her. She was put in a cave that was sealed, and she was left to die a slow, frightening and painful death.

Mrs D continued to explore many past lives, but she also reported a spiritual life hidden behind her conscious barrier of defense mechanisms. Her depression immediately lifted and her anxiety slowly disappeared when she reintegrated a trauma she thought could well be questioned. Repeatedly she told me that she experienced a rejoining of her body and her true higher self. She slowly discontinued and came off her medication without signs of relapse. She is still healthy nearly five years after her treatment.