About Religion

About Religion

Religious approach to the possible existence of a human Soul

Humans continue to speculate where the soul is if it exist. Is it in the heart? Or perhaps in the brain? I consider the opposite. The body is inside the soul which might explain some paranormal phenomena.

The old Egyptiansbelieved that Ib or the heart was the true door in to the afterlife. The hearth, not the brain, was the seat of thoughts and emotions.

The Khaibit or shadow could be perceived as the astral body. A person could not exist without his/her shadow.

Sahu was the part that survived the body and could possibly reappear with mental and spiritual abilities like the living body.

Equally important was Ren, the name, which they tried to protect through their hieroglyphs.

The Ba or the persons distinctive personality was the part that lived after the person had died. Usually this was depicted as a human-headed bird flying out of the body tomb.

The Kha or life force had to be reactivated before spiritual transformation and rebirth could take place. I personally think we could perceive this as the invisible energy either called yang/yin (Chinese) or prana (Indians).

The Akh (“soul”) was the fully resurrected form of the deceased.

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Hinduism refers to the soul as “Atma” and as such a part of Brahma (God). Bhagavad Gita refers to the spiritual body or soul as Purusha.

From Islam and the Hadith (oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of Prophet Muhammad) we understand that Allah assigns an Angel to “breathe” soul into an embryo after 40 days of pregnancy. This does make sense in light of LBL work!

Jainists in India believe that the soul is a separate existence from the body that houses it.

From Bahapahuda gatha 64, Acharya Kundakunda describes the soul as:

“The soul is without taste, colour and cannot be perceived by the five senses. Consciousness is its chief attribute. Know the soul to be free of any gender and not bound by any dimensions of shape and size.”

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Jewish belief consider Neshamah – the higher soul as the Higher Self or super-soul. This is again in line with LBL work.

Sikhism considers SOUL (atma) to be part of the Universal Soul, which is GOD (Parmatma).

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Christians seems more divided about the existence of a soul. Some claim the soul is immortal, others that we all have to wait for resurrection or a life in Hell! Indeed Christianity has a history of punishment, purgatory (final purification of the elect), guilt and suffering. All this, historically contributing to the fear of punishment beyond death (Hell) of the soul or resurrection and a life in heaven.