Ring of Destiny

Ring of Destiny

A very tall gentleman

The layer of snow had grown over the weekend. Everything looked white and pure. It was February 11th, 2013, and yet another client was on her way to recovery. For the first time she was spontaneously talking about discontinuing her antidepressants. Her progress was really pleasing.

I can see a very tall gentleman standing by my side. He has a white cloak. Mmmm…..Tina had great difficulties relaying her experiences since she found it difficult talking. She was preoccupied with a completely new encounter.

“I look into this mirror….I can see my husband and myself holding two babies! Ohh, we are so happy.”

“Are they girls or boys?”

“Can’t tell you! It hasn’t been decided yet, but I can see my eldest son in the background and his girlfriend or wife. This tall gentleman put his hand on top of my head. He tells me that I must be patient, but I really want all these tools. ”

“But isn’t this a tool as well?”

“Of course but I have alwyas been in a hurry! “.

When Tina returned she was smiling, relaxed and happy.  She turned to me and smilingly said;

“You have to be patient too…”

A spiritual stargate

Most clients describe The Ring of Destiny as looking through water. Suddenly the person see her-/himself in a particular life. Everything feels absolutely real, part from time-space being altered by The Masters of Time and Space. Some clients report that the Stargate picture is a fair description of this amazing place. When the client arrives to this place he/she is usually report being seated or sometimes standing. Some clients report being given like a headset which they can use to “scroll” through certain events. Many clients report that part from visiting “The Council of Elders”, this is one of the most powerful and useful experiences they have during LBL.

The ring of destiny is a place which many clients can be brought to and independently of each other, report almost identical experiences from. When the soul is “allowed” to visit this place an important message or lesson is available.

When a soul has been given or chosen a life to come in the “Room of Life Selection”, it is quite common that the soul is given snapshots of important moments in this life to come. It does seem to make sense if we consider how important it ususally is to look at the map before we go on a long and uncertain journey!

Usually these experiences have an enormous impact on the client, despite their background. Often their whole approach to life seem to change. Suddenly life is given a higher meaning, not to be wasted. It is truly an extra-ordinary kick!

Another option is to review a past life where things went wrong. Again the soul together with Masters or “The Council of Elders” review and discuss some lessons without any judgments.


Reviewing suicide

One such client was given the opportunity to see her life as a consequence without her suicide. As a young woman she committed suicide in a conservative and Victorian England, having had a baby outside marriage. Her parents sent her away and asked her never to come back. The Ring of Destiny highlighted the fact that beyond her depressed state and her sucide as the only solution, there was still space for happiness and a happy end. Suddenly she saw herself as an older woman surrounded by happy toddlers in a nursery! Now again considering suicide in this life, she suddenly realized that it was a bad solution she had tried so many times before.


Knowing the future can sometimes help

A third option which I have witnessed on only a few occasions, is when the client is given the option to see some short important moments of their present life’s future. One such client only had one session after feeling extremely worried to face a divorce from her husband. Suddenly she found herself 20 years later with her husband, attending a marriage. At the time of her session her son was just a few years old.

“Oh, he’s getting married. My son is getting married! The bride is so beautiful. I recognize the church. How strange….I can see my husband…we are together…it’s going to be alright”, she said.

To my surprise she left and she has never been back. I know that somewhere she keeps a note about this event. And if it happens she will bring the note to the attention of her husband. Surprise, surprise!


Chelsea flower Show

This woman went through a painful divorce, lost her father and was repeatedly affected by severe depressive symptoms. She thought there wasn’t a future for here.

“The ring looks like water inside…mmm…I can see Chelsea Flower Show now. I am arranging a garden. I can see a man smiling…he will be my lover one day….then later I see a nice detached house. There is a front and a back garden. I am walking through the house now, but I can’t see anyone….I can’t believe this is mine….”.