The sea calms you

The sea calms you

Almost every client I have come across, enjoys walking by the sea in a state of complete relaxation. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is quite natural that we all have different levels of energy or qi. In that sense our mind and body express the function of our internal  organs. The Qi is a force and energy surrounding and penetrating every cell of our human body. I suggest you  press Li4 (Large intestine -hegu = 合谷) by using this picture. You will immediately notice how sensitive this area is, but the point is also excellent in order to relieve pain.

400px Acupuncture point Hegu LI 4 200x300 The sea calms you

Pressing Large intestine, Li4 -hegu = 合谷

Most humans will accept the fact that we consist of energy, and in fact that we express and are subject of energy and forces around us. A simple example is a thunderstorm. Some people might feel tired, dizzy and even sometimes experience headache. Others accept that our internal fluids are equally subject to astronomical forces. When the moon can cause gigantic tides, it is easier to accept that the moon can also affect the state of our internal fluids, and ultimately our minds. The physicist is absolutely certain; everything is in fact energy. When you are in a state of altered consciousness, you are much more in tune with these forces,  your higher self and your soul. Your brain becomes a wonderful interface for forces not normally active. Ancient teaching often talks about the pineal glandule as the gateway. A fact is that if this glandule which is by the size of a corn of rice, is damaged, the production of melatonin can stop. This will cause severe sleep disturbances, something seen among blind children. The pineal glandule also has an amazing feature among birds. It contains magnetic structures and help birds navigate. Almost like a biological form of GPS.  If you don’t believe that I suggest you go out and watch how released pigeons make their way home over vast distances. There is yet no proof to suggest that humans are equipped with the same type of biological GPS.


Painting by Stina Forsell, Sweden. Photo, Wikipedia.