Colours of Souls

Particularly through the impressive work by Dr Michael Newton, at least having seen 7 000 clients for hypnotherapy, it has repeatedly been reported that souls are recognized by other things than earthly belongings and achievements on planet Earth.

It seems that development on a spiritual level is followed by a progressive shift of colour. It is likely although not scientifically proven, that souls reflect the spectral light. Young souls usually present themselves as white, red and orange, while more mature and old souls have colours of green, blue and dark blue. It is unusual to come across a client reporting his/her soul colour to be indigo or violet. At that stage the soul is advanced and doesn’t need any further reincarnation on this planet, unless the soul has chosen voluntary to reincarnate due a specific mission.

This simple table is based on many reports by clients relating to their soul colour and level of advancement in spirit. It is important to remember that advanced souls rather choose something challenging, simple, painful or difficult. Being a celebrity on this planet means nothing in spirit. Inexperienced souls are often attracted to personal power, wealth, money and possessions.

Colours of souls

 Colour Level of soul
White Newborn
Red Beginner
Orange Early intermediary
Yellow Intermediary
Green Late intermediary
Blue Early advanced
Dark blue Intermediary advancerad
Purple Advanced