Teaching by a Master

Teaching by a Master

Q & A by a Master



“How many dimensions do we have?”
“How many do you want? There is no limit!”
“Can I create a dimension?”
“Back home you teach souls. There is a dimension of hate and fear. Some souls can go to an old battlefield and feel pain.”
“Would it be possible for the mind in the future to travel in to other dimensions and then come back to the physical world?”
“You cannot. It is not to be used. It is too dangerous. If you come back here you have no need to go back. It has been done already.”
“By whom? By aliens?”
“You are alien to them. They are amazed how slow humans are.”
“Will we come to know them?”
“What makes you think they don’t know you already? They have a purpose, like you yours.”
“Are they advanced? How do they communicate? Do they communicate with Masters?”
“In their way they communicate with Masters. They are closer to Masters.”
“Does spaceships in the Universe use different wave forms in order to travel?”
“There are different sources. Earthbound.”



“Does Hell exist?”
Mind overrides the physical side. You can create your own Hell. There is no real Hell. Only darkness, and loneliness with no purpose. Nature of souls are not solitude.”



“Is physics a way of understanding all this?”
“Physics is earth bound.”

“Why can’t we see you?”
“You don’t let your children see everything. You wouldn’t follow your purpose.”

“And then, could it then to….be possible to describe their dimension by using the form of a hypercube?”
“Really huge questions!………………multi dimensional no.…they are not the way we see them…circles…shapes…they are multidimensional…you see…we’re not seeing them as they really are.”
“And what are they?”
“But my intellectual side keeps interfering…mmmm…because I try to understand it…shapes crossing over…makes it all multi dimensional…”
“Shapes within shapes…”
“Shapes within shapes that cross over each other…make it all multi dimensional which every way you looking.”

“Does it mean that the electron itself is a part of the spiritual side, or both the physical and the spiritual side?”
“Ahh….I think it something to do with breaking up and regrouping of atoms.”


Previous Lives

“Why don’t people remember previous lives?”
“Because people would become vengeful, and then the whole world would become a disaster.”
“Why do we have to be born with memory blocks of the past?”

“When you are back on earth the others block out memories. They block out things like
when you are going to die.”
“And why do they blank out your memory of yourself as a soul once you get born?”
“We have to function on a human level.”
“Are you allowed to remember your past as a soul in the spiritual world and other lives?”
“What would happen if you did remember by just pure accident? That they really didn’t manage to wipe out your memory? What would happen with such a human?”
“The rest of society would think that they were insane.”
“Why wouldn’t it be dangerous for people going back into a regressive state in to previous lives?”
“As a soul you can go back and clearly see everything and learn through guidance from the therapist. The therapist with that specific skill would have to be carefully selected, otherwise they would cause a great deal of damage.”



“What questions do you ask in order to improve your skills and understanding?”
“You have to find the questions. You move slowly and lack ability. Getting the answer is cheating. You have been given a good mind.”
“What questions are we still not eligible for?”
“Mmm…it’s things…I’m not… can’t be specific…it’s like trying to run before you can walk…so there are some things you can’t know yet.”
“But it doesn’t mean you can’t ask?”
“No, it doesn’t mean you can’t ask, but you might not get the answer…”


Reaching Spirit

What do we have to sacrifice on earth, here and now, in order to reach beyond this gap between the spiritual and the physical world?
“It’s about…letting go of base motivations, base human motivations.”
“We’re not allowed to know fully…what the spiritual world is like. ”
“Because we wouldn’t stay here, we wouldn’t stay here, we wouldn’t do our task…we would want to be there all the time. There would be no learning, no growing”



“Where do lost souls go?”
“They are not always found by the Masters…there are too many.”
“What happens then?”
“They can’t go back…they can be reborn but they are usually under fear due to lack of guides”.
“What happens if they become reborn without guides?”
“Plants can sting and animals can bite. Guides will see the lost soul!”
“Are humans bad having no guides?”
“Of course! If they ignore guides and make their own plans. They become selfish and not very kind. They will be on their own. Guides will tell them that they decide.”
“Will Masters look for evil souls?”
“They know where they are and they use them to help others…Masters can use the dark in the plan…adversity…challenge for all souls.”
“Is there in fact a purpose, higher meaning, a higher order?”
“There is a higher order and a higher meaning.”
“So does it mean that souls now on earth try to meet? Advanced souls try to meet?”
“They should.”
“Why should they meet?”
“Because it’s like a.…collective knowledge and wisdom.”



“Does time exist” Is it possible to measure time on your side?”
“Time is quicker. Different. Not measuring time as you do. You can go backwards and forwards.”

“Does the soul travel fast?”
“Yeah, it can be anywhere in a blink of an eye. There isn’t any time frame.”

“Is it dangerous to look into the future?”
“No. Souls can be at many places. Some souls can go ahead.”
“What purpose is that?”
“You run before you walk…you have to slow down.”

“Why do you seem to travel too fast?”
“You’re moving too slow…you get stuck. You can separate the physical from the spiritual but without physical body you are lost. There is no balance.”

“How do you get proof?”
“Restricted. They do come from within.”
“How do you know when a channel I open through a client is present?”
“We know exactly when it is open. These operations through mind travelling cannot be created through machines.”

“When you look back at a life, how does it look like from Spirit?”
“That’s right. When you go back when you have finished a life, it’s like, just….been watching a film for an hour.”