Time Portals

Time Portals

We have grown up in a society where we have been taught and indoctrinated to believe that we, destructive and selfish human beings, are the pinnacle of Gods creation. That we are alone, and that the chance of life existing somewhere else in Universe is remote and almost infinitesimal small. Yet, scientists are slowly starting to reshape and reform our understanding of ourselves  It is becoming increasingly clear that we are not alone in Universe. Instead it is more likely that our leaders and governments have been trying to  cover the truth in a cloak of deceptive and manipulated information, well suited for what they perceive as primitive, consumer oriented and religiously obsessed human beings. The truth couldn’t be more wrong, and I quote President Obama of USA:

“We can’t monitor everything on the internet….it is beyond our control.”

Instead science and knowledge is now growing exponentially, and we are going to experience one of the most dramatic and revolutionary times of the human race existence. Under hybrids a former client gave a chilling account of being abducted in a previous life. That story is unusual and perhaps slightly frightening. Yet, an abundance of evidence points in a different direction. Most extra-terrestrials are friendly and far too advanced to interfere in our own destructive existence. The only time they might, is if other invisible existences are threatened as well. What has all this to do with consciousness and spirituality?

Without our souls trying to develop love, compassion, and peaceful cooperative intentions, we will be unable to interact with other cosmic species. Such force is in the long run, unavoidable and unstoppable as long as we manage to survive as the human specie. But their will be a tantalizing counteracting force trying to prevent this. That is the true dark force, representing greed, power, wealth and religion. A force prepared to launch a full scale war against any movements trying to liberate the human soul. Just because of that you are important. Together YOU and and everyone else can make the difference! A new paradigm is here.

Because of that it, is truly rewarding to watch these NASA videos where a completely new world is slowly emerging. Time portals is now a reality. Consciousness is expanding faster than the speed of light, and God Bless President Obama for trying to tell us the truth!  With the support and assistance of friends around the world, important scientific evidence shows a rapidly changing reality. We will, no doubt, one day become a full member of a an intergalactic federation. Are you ready?